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Happy Days Album Cover

Happy Days is a collection of nine new songs, written by John, along with two covers and four co-writes. He is very excited to have two duets on the album. The beautiful vocals of Camille TeNahu on It’s All I Know, and Kevin Bennett featuring on Lend A Hand. The talents of Stuie French, Michel Rose, Chris Haigh, Scott Hills and Garry Steel bring John’s songs to life, and do justice to John’s unique ability to weave a story to music. Produced at Swingin Door Studio, the sound and production work to highlight John’s skill with a pen.

John feels that this latest album is a true reflection of where he is on his musical journey.

These are the tracks, I really hope you like them.

  1. Fishing (J.O’Dea) Fishing is a pastime that many Australians enjoy. Whether you’re catching lots or just sitting on the water enjoying the peace and quiet, it’s always fun.
  2. Son Of A Farmer (J.O’Dea) This is my story, from our ancestor leaving Ireland to take up land in Australia to now. We all have our hopes and dreams.
  3. Everything (J.O’Dea) We all have someone special in our lives, I’m lucky to have that someone and we all need to be loved.
  4. Shaney Boy (K. Johnson) I first heard this song many years ago. It was on Kevin Johnson’s album ‘Rock and Roll I Gave You Best years Of My Life”, a great song that I always wanted to record.
  5. It’s All I Know (J. O’Dea, D Proust, R. Sinclair) A song about leaving the land. This song is a duet which features Camille TeNahu one of Australia’s finest female country singers.
  6. Yesterday (J. O’Dea, T Maxwell) Have you ever said “I wish I’d done that yesterday”, I know I have more than once. This is a song I wrote with Tom Maxwell about just that.
  7. The Patchwork Quilt (R Essery, J. O’Dea) This is a poem written by Ray Essery, a wonderful bush poet, that I put the music to. It’s a beautiful little story.
  8. That’s What I’d Do (J. O’Dea, T. Maxwell) A Song about an old drover reflecting on his days in the saddle and if he got the option he’d do it all again.
  1. Wishing Tomorrow Was Today (J. O’Dea) A soldier on his way home from Afghanistan and his family waiting, all wishing that tomorrow was already here.
  2. Lend A Hand (J. O’Dea) I wrote this song as a tribute to the volunteers in this country, wherever they are and whatever they do. Our country would come to a standstill if they stopped doing what they do. I feel very privileged that Kevin Bennett (from Kevin Bennett and the Flood), one of this country’s finest singers joined me for this song.
  3. A Picture Of Home (S. Dusty, M. Cormack) A beautiful song of Slims’ about a Soldier telling of Australia and its beauty with soldiers from other countries. Thanks to Stuie French for introducing me to this song. This is our version of a great song.
  4. Pa’s Little Mates (J. O’Dea) I now have several Grandchildren, a true blessing. They are all Pa’s Little Mates. If you have Grandchildren you know exactly what I mean.
  5. Lost The Oldies ( J.O’Dea) This is for all the people out there travelling around Australia in their caravans, mobile homes and camper trailers seeing the beauty of this country and enjoying the fruits of their labour. Good on you, travel safe and enjoy.
  6. Happy Days (J. O’Dea) My Aussie Travelling Prayer. Wishing you all many Happy Days.


  1. Kay Gray on January 11, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    Hi John,
    Have seen good comments about this new album on fb, Could I get a copy for adding to our local Community Radio 2 MAX FM 91.3, in Narrabri, I am the music & Artist Interview Coordinator & also a presenter. Would also like to set up an interview with you regarding the new album and your music. I did an interview with you a couple of years ago about Storyteller album. Would you have time for phone interview before the Tamworth Festival? – either Sat 16th @ 11.30am (my programme) or Monday 18th @ 7.10pm (or between 6-8pm – this will be with Marg Hallett).
    Kay Gray

  2. Rod Collman on February 12, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    Hi John
    thanks for the new offering as usual you have excelled yourself with each new Album
    I look forward to doing a showcase with you next week Happy days and Appropriate title
    catch up soon.
    kind regards
    Monaro FM

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